Lesoshoppe - TECLOCK TM-1202
TECLOCK TM-1202 Dial Gauge

  • Dial Gauge
  • Model : TM-1202
  • Code :

  • Brand : TECLOCK

●Exact type suitable for a bore gauge 
●Quick cooling stainless steel stem 
●By shock buffering mechanism (shock proof), I protect the mechanism parts such as gears and investigate the durability 
●I adopt a jewel bearing for durable improvement. 
●If the wearing of the adoption clamp (option) of the lever extended mechanism is possibility, I realize more stable repetition accuracy 
●It is shipped with a limiter in all models. It is convenient for the setting of the clearance range 
●The wearing of the lift lever is possible 
●The flat back lid runs out of "f" at the model end (example = TM-1201f)

●Model TM-1202 
●Quantity of eyes (mm) 0.001 
●Measurement range (free stroke mm) 2(2) 
●Repetition smartness (μm) 0.5 
●Instructions error (adjacent error μm) 4 
●Instructions error (1/2 turn μm) ±5 
●Instructions error (1 round μm) ±6 
●Instructions error (2 rounds μm) ±6 
●Instructions error (all measurement range μm) ±7 
●Return error (μm) 3 
●Standard gauge head part code ZS-017 
●Measurement power (N) 1.5 or less 
●Mass (g) 170