Lesoshoppe - PEAK 2038 8X

  • LUPE
  • Model : 2038 8X
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  • Brand : PEAK

Peak Loupe 4x uses a high-resolution achromatic lens whose chromatic aberration has been corrected. With its wide square vision of 45x45 mm and a clever and smart design of its body, it will be useful not only in your daily life but also in various fields as an able assistant for precision works.

Particularly, semi-transparent and black bottom skirts are provided which allow one touch changing operation, and it will be very convenient for observation if you select any one of them depending upon lighting conditions. For instance, you may use the semi transparent skirt for checking photographic films, and may install the black skirt for checking the focus of a large format camera.

On addition, for the focus adjustment of this loupe, a multi-groove screw helicoids system is adapted, which is ordinarily used for camera lenses, thereby ensuring very smooth operation. The neck strap attached will also increase operational efficiency several times.

Replacement Black and Frosted Clear bases listed below.

Magnification: 4X

Field of View: 45 x 45 mm
Size: 51 x 65 x 51 mm
Net Weight: 80 g