Lesoshoppe - EYELA 261988
EYELA 261988 Model FDS-1000

  • Model FDS-1000
  • Model : 261988
  • Code :

  • Brand : EYELA

Features :

  • Compact dryer for small samples at -80 degree. Vacuum level, trap temperature and operation time are simultaneously displayed on the control panel and operation condition can be confirmed at a glance.
  •  During auto mode operation, cooling trap temperature and vacuum level are measured.
  • Simple operation procedure requires only start, flask mounting and stop after drying finish.
  • Timer function is provide. Oil exchange time can be confirmed by display of integrated operation time of vacuum pump.

Specifications :

Specifications :

Product name

Freeze dryer



Cat. No

261980 / 261988

Cold trap temperature

-80 degree Celsius

Ice holding capacity

150mL / one batch

Safety functions

Leak/over current breaker, vacuum pump automatic operation, trap temperature monitoring function, refrigerator overload relay

Vacuum leak function

Auto-leak at power OFF / at power failure

Trap de-icing

By heater

Cooling & refrigerant

Refrigerator,80W helium gas

Vacuum pump

Option (over 50L/min)

Overall dimension

455W x 220D x 497H



Power source

200VA AC100V/460VA AC230V