Lesoshoppe - TECLOCK LT-310
TECLOCK LT-310 Lever Test

  • Lever Test
  • Model : LT-310
  • Code :

  • Brand : TECLOCK

●Small standard type of mask diameter 28.4mm 
●By a reshuffling lever, I can change the direction of measurement 
●All models, main shaft tray are jewel bearings 
●The gauge head tip is a super hard ball with a little abrasion 
●As for the gauge head, original with a product made in stainless steel of φ 2mm; become threaded, and exchange is easy 
●A gauge head, a guideline is not affected by the magnetism for a non-magnetic body 
●For a low measurement power, I am suitable for the measurement of the escalope point

●Model LT-310 
●Quantity of eyes (mm) 0.01 
●Measurement range (mm) 0.8 
●Scale specifications 0-40-0 
●Measurement power (N) 0.4 or less 
●Repetition precision (μm) 3 
●Adjacent error (μm) 5 
●Precision (μm) for the wide area 8 
●Return error (μm) 3 
●Standard gauge head part code ZS-700 
●Mass (g) 60