Lesoshoppe - AMAR EQUIPMENT A 2515
AMAR EQUIPMENT A 2515 High Pressure Reactor

  • High Pressure Reactor
  • Model : A 2515
  • Code :


Design Pressure 100 bar
Design Temperature 500°C
Vessel I/D (mm) 152
Vessel Internal
Height (mm)
Min. Stirrable
Volume (ltr)

Material of Construction SS 316 wetted parts
Head Mounting Style Removable head and vessel design
Heating Type Electrical ceramic band heater
 with cladding & insulation & heater temperature control for 500°C
Motor ¼ hp AC motor for 10 ltr, 20 ltr & 25 ltr locked to 750 rpm

½ hp AC motor for 50 ltr &
100 ltr locked to 500 rpm
Shaft Sealing Zero leakage magnetic drive coupling M20 with 2 Nm torque
Stirrer 2 stage 6 bladed turbine stirrer
Standard Nozzles,
Valves & Fittings
External Valves & Fittings:
Pressure gauge, safety rupture disc,
 gas inlet and liquid sampling needle
valve with common dip tube, vent needle valve, ball valve for powder/liquid inlet
with funnel, flush bottom valve

Internal Fittings:
Helical cooling coil, dip tube, thermowell with RTD PT100 temperature sensor
Gasket PTFE up to 300°C and metallic
grafoil gasket up to 500°C
Closure Type Split clamp with clamp bolts
Control Panel SS control panel with programmable
PID temperature controller with high
temperature alarm and variable frequency drive for motor speed control
Power Supply 1Ø, 220 V AC, 20 amp, 50 / 60 Hz
for 10 ltr

3Ø, 440 V AC, 25 amp, 50 / 60 Hz
for 20 ltr to 100 ltr